V 2.0: Jazz Improvisation Explained; Improvise with confidence to create exciting solos

Are you struggling to make sense of the chord changes when you improvise? Tired of being told to play more vertically instead of horizontally? Want to do more than just run up and down a Blues scale? Sign up now for Jazz Improvisation Explained; Improvise with confidence to create exciting solos and bring your improvisation to the next level.

What if there was a system that could make you feel more confident improvising jazz?

A system that allowed you to make sense of the changes even if you didn't have much knowledge of music theory...

A system that made your solos sound great without relying on blazing-fast fingering technique...

In Jazz Improvisation Explained; Improvise with confidence to create exciting solos, you will:

  • Find out how to develop ROCK-SOLID TIMING so that you stop getting lost in the form
  • Discover my 3-step system for developing creative lines and PLAYING WHAT YOU HEAR IN YOUR HEAD without memorizing a whole bunch of patterns or knowing a ton of theory
  • Find out how to add the WOW Factor to your solos and make them flow
  • Discover the BEST WAY to improvise on the Blues without JUST playing a Blues or Pentatonic scale
  • Discover the secret to CONNECTING THE CHORDS and navigating the changes  
  • Participate in EAR-TRAINING and analysis; ii-Vā€™s, Blues, enclosures and chromaticism

Plus, you get these amazing bonuses:

  • How to Build Your Jazz Vocabulary                                $199 FREE
  • How to Practice Like the Pros                                         $199 FREE 
  • 3-step System for Learning & Memorizing Tunes           $199  FREE
  • 1-year Access to Private Facebook Group                     $1000 FREE
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions                                                    $3600  FREE

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Course Syllabus

Welcome Module

Welcome to the Course!

Module 1: Create solos that connect to your audience

In this Unit, you will apply the 3 principles that bring the WOW factor to your solos.

Module 2: How to create meaningful melodies using scales

BONUS - How to Practice Like the Pros

Module 3: Practical Music Theory for creating great solos


This is an Implementation Week AND you get access to my Jazz Theory Primer (see the Lesson below for how to access and use it)

Module 4 - Mastering the ii ā€“ V Progression: The Cornerstone of Most Jazz Tunes

Module 5: Mastering the ii ā€“ V Progression, Part 2

Module 6: Play the Blues without just running up and down a Blues scale

BONUS: How to Build Your Jazz Vocabulary


My confidence, since I started studying with Donna, has gone up ten-fold...a thousand-fold...because I am able to improvise now. I don't just sit there in silence thinking about what I should do when I'm asked to take a solo, I just play it." — Adam Chan ,
"I just confirmed I'm on the correct path in my learning curve, thanks to your clear, straight-to-the point explanations. Donna's natural teaching abilities and talent makes her message reach the student in a straightforward manner. Easy to understand and put into practice. Frequent use of analogies and everyday life examples help a lot in transmitting her ideas." — Marcelo Soto Quiroga ,
Donna not only gave me a variety of strategies to help improve my counting whilst improvising, whilst not stifling my artistic imagination. We covered different approaches to studying the jazz standards. Donna was able to focus my goals and discuss with me a methodology that could help me get there. Already I have seen that this new regime is going to pay in spades. Donna has the ability to analyse what was needed and then discuss it in a way that made it not only palatable but has been the biggest positive change in my personal musical development this year." — Gavin Morgan,