Jazz Patterns 201; Boost your vocabulary, build your ears, and make smoother, more emotional lines

For the intermediate/advanced improviser who wants to bring their jazz improvisation to the next level, with jazz licks that add tension and release.

You've heard them before...

You go to a jam session and you see folks go up and they start playing these great lines that flow and bring you on a journey.

But how do they do it? More importantly, how can you do it?

By boosting your jazz vocabulary and learning as many patterns, tunes and solos.

And when you are learning your patterns, it is essential to learn them in all 12 keys, which my Jazz Patterns 201 course does for you.

Here's what you get:

  • Ten licks, in all keys, that contain the Jazz language of enclosures, chromaticism and connection between chords
  • Practice at your own pace with Backing tracks in all keys AND in three different tempos
  • Demos of all the patterns, so you can hear what they sound like AND try to learn them by ear if you choose
  • Bonus #1: Three Charlie Parker Licks You Must Know, with backing tracks in all keys with 3 different tempos 
  • Bonus #2: Deconstructing a Blues Solo, with a detailed analysis lesson and approach to playing the Blues without resorting to a Blues or Pentatonic scale

Don't miss your opportunity to boost your jazz vocabulary, build your ears, and create more emotional, smoother lines that have tension and release!

Course Syllabus

10 Licks to Boost Your Jazz Vocabulary

3 Charlie Parker Licks You Must Know

Deconstructing a Blues Solo