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Articulate Like the Pros; Master saxophone articulation to play any style of music you want

Discover the simple yet powerful system to mastering articulation so that you can play any style of music you want and sound authentic.

Jazz Patterns 201; Boost your vocabulary, build your ears, and make smoother, more emotional lines

For the intermediate/advanced improviser who wants to bring their jazz improvisation to the next level, with jazz licks that add tension and release.

Master Your Favorite Saxophone Solos (Even if You Can't Read Music)

Want to know how players learn tunes so quickly? How other musicians play those great licks and lines every time they solo? Do you want to know how to play some of those iconic Rock and Roll sax solos as well as the original player? You will discover all that and more when you enroll in Master Your Favorite Saxophone Solos.

Practice Smarter; Optimize your practice to get maximum results

Discover the strategies and tactics to achieve maximum results in the practice room in a shorter amount of time.

Saxophonist's Guide to Finding the Right Strength Reed

The right strength reed is a crucial component to a saxophonist's tone. Finding the right strength reed has always been a problem because no two brands are exactly same strength.

Self Study-Get a Killer Saxophone Tone; Master the process to get a full, rich tone & sound like a pro

Get that professional-sounding saxophone tone you've always dreamed of when you enroll in Get a Killer Saxophone Tone today.

V 2.0: Jazz Improvisation Explained; Improvise with confidence to create exciting solos

Are you struggling to make sense of the chord changes when you improvise? Tired of being told to play more vertically instead of horizontally? Want to do more than just run up and down a Blues scale? Sign up now for Jazz Improvisation Explained; Improvise with confidence to create exciting solos and bring your improvisation to the next level.